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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Round and round it goes...

When you're working in a company as big as the one i'm in, you'll experience a lot of reorganization of the group's structure. It's so common that it's been said that you should never ever burn bridges (especially so here) because you'll never know who your next manager is going to be.

I just had one (reorg, as we call it internally) announced a few days ago.

Andrew and I are going to report back to a manager that used to manage us. Obviously Ian will be part of this new team too. In fact, John was the hiring manager for Andrew; so it's really back to square one. Funny how things work out.

As i'm writing this, i remembered i did a post when we first reported to John, and here it is, made a few years ago (wow!) that i mentioned both Andrew and I gave him good feedback. Let's hope that it'll be as good an experience as what we had the first time round.

And perhaps i might do a refresher of the "Bosses Review" post soon.. hehe.. Since that post in Nov 2004, we had two more managers before going back to him. If you think that's a lot, you should hear about me listing out my project managers since Nov 2004!

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