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Friday, November 05, 2004
bosses review
a short review of my bosses since i started working

sam - direct, brave, generally speaking good
sherman - more cautious, knows the game, generally speaking good
update: forgot about this guy: david - i seriously dont know what he was doing (and what i was doing) the few months there
yuka (first time) - was not under her, so no comments
tony - concise, logical thinker, open to new ideas, my best manager ever
joyce - played favoritism the moment she arrived, too bold and off she went in a quick dash.
chua - no business skills, no communication skills, surfing porn at work. put staff against one another. worst ever? no doubt.
yuka - trust in her people, taught a lot of good principles.
teck - trust in his people, taught a lot of good principles (same as yuka haha), led by example, and most importantly taught us how to think from the other side or points of view. 2nd best ever manager
jessica - my manager in a time of chaos. helped in my relocation, could've been a better manager given enough time to handle us?
jason - full trust in me, perhaps if he can do so for his team it will be better.
john- initial impression is that he is quite like teck. my new team has given good feedback on him.
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