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Friday, February 15, 2008
Crazy over this?

My first Creative Zen NX player still works. After probably 6 years. No issues with almost anything, except some obscure old time radio mp3s that were encoded in some weird frequencies.

Somehow, the Zune player that Andrew has is able to play those obscure mp3s fine. Hmm.. tempted.. but nah..

Was in Singapore for my friend's wedding in January, and another friend's wife told me that she is now working in Creative, and that my recent post about creative pricing can be negated by employee purchase pricing 8).

So i got myself a 16 GB Zen player. I got Sharon a pink Ipod Shuffle 2nd Gen.

Zune? The only one i was remotely tempted was the Halo edition version.

And people are crazy over it in this manner?

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