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Thursday, January 03, 2008
SG Huh Part 5: Creative pricing strategy

I was helping my friend to look for a Creative mp3 player, probably the Zen 8GB credit card sized media player. We went to Funan/Sim Lim to take a look and saw the price of the 8GB ranging around S$ 320-350.

Before i went back, i remembered that the prices in the states weren't that expensive, and i told him so. He decided not to purchase it that day, and we went on to do our other geekie shopping.

After coming back here, i found that Buy.com has currently a offer for it at around US$130 after rebates. That's only around S$190, using a very generous exchange rate of 1.45x.  $190 vs $320. Wow.. that's a huge difference right there.

Comparing just between the online stores of Creative in Singapore and USA also show a huge difference. The US store has it currently at around U$150 (choose 8GB in the dropdown) , vs S$349 in the Singapore online store.

The current exchange rate is around 1.43-1.45, but yet, this two prices has a exchange rate of 2.33!

The pun on the title of this post is intended. 8) Why so huh? Time for me to get the player for him here then.

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