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Monday, December 25, 2006
Slowing down in preparation for the new year

Just after i came back, i rushed through my travel documentation, and expenses and stuffs, as well as sending follow-up communications to some of the newer acquaintances made in the New Zealand conference.

Catching up the mails took a few days and with my good luck, we got the power outage due to the windstorm. That interrupted some of the items on my to-do list.

Thanks to the GC+B combo, i gotten quite a number of items for Sharon's nephews, Sharon, and myself 8). Along the way, even Annie got to benefit from it.

I upgraded my webcam to the Lifecam, and at least according to my niece, the quality of the video is so much better than my 5 year old Creative PC-Cam. It's also a one-click solution to video on the web.

One of the final purchases that i'm doing is for two programming books, just to restart my programming skills, and keep track of how development is these days. Probably will spend a few weeks to run them through before donating them to the local library.

Yesterday, i cooked up a storm with some Singapore-styled char bee hoon. Using a premade char kway teow mix from Prima when i was in Singapore, adding some substitutes in terms of ham and crab sticks, i think i made quite a good dish with the bee hoon.

Just like Yich's experiment with the Mee Siam mix, it just tasted good. Amazingly, we actually used the same bee hoon!

Looking at the remaining number of premixes, i wonder which one we'll be doing. Definitely not the Singapore Chilli Crab one, as i didn't get it. However, it's easily available in our local Asian supermarket. Nah.. the crabs here just won't make it.

I'll need to meet up with Suhendra to get the Tur Kwa shirt that he kindly bought for me when he was back in Singapore a few months back. Perhaps before the end of the year?

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