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Monday, August 07, 2006
Compensation for a Lost Vegas trip
As we were forced to cancel our Las Vegas trip to allow me to stay in the office on a week where there was practically nothing to work on ironically, Sharon wanted to at least go out somewhere new before she starts her new job with an orange badge.

After a long period of deciding where to go, and how to go there, we decided on a short day trip to Port Townsend, a quaint old town with some fun shops to look at. So, on a Saturday 8am, we started off. That in itself is an amazing thing because I am such a weekend snoozer that Saturday AND Sundays are sabbath for me.

Without any maps or direction, we went to the Seattle Pier 52 to take the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Luckily, on the short ferry ride and on a very good day, we found some travel brochures that have a very general map that kinda, sorta, showed the directions to the town. The directions were like, highway 305 to 3 to 104 to 101 to 20, and that's about it. No distances and no turns details, so it added a little bit of excitement for us.

A view of the Seattle Pier side from the ferry which shows how good the weather was on Saturday.

After a long drive (god knows how long it was), we reached the town, and the first thing we did was to park right near to the police station, with a established date of 1895.

We had lunch at one of the oldest restaurants we've ever been in, established in 1885. and we relaxed ourselves in a beachside table for a very good and fresh lunch.

We also drove around the neighbourhood, and noticed a lot of very old houses as well, probably built around the same time as the police station. This house, where we parked our car Pamela for a while, was built in 1896, and has quite a large garden.

Not sure what kind of tree/fruit this was, but i was attracted by the bright red "fruits?".

We were also fortunate that there was a farmer's market opened when we were there. Typically, the farmer markets have a large number of stalls with organic fruits and vegetables, which we usually would buy, but not this time round, since it will be a long journey back (i.e., if we can find our way back haha).Sharon was attracted by a massage stall, and decided to get a 10 min session with her. The massager had quite a queue waiting, so we waited probably for two other customers before Sharon got her turn on the chair (of torture).

While she was getting her treatment, i was kept entertained by a group of local musicians, playing some kind of norwegian/german kind of folk music.

Overall, it was quite a fun place to visit, and we were on our way out. Along the drive, i saw a sign that showed a lavender farm nearby. On the way here, we were joking about how close Port Townsend is to Sequim, which is where the main lavender farms are located. With my interests piqued, i told Sharon that we should just go and take a look at this farm as well, and that was what we did!

Again, with no real directions, and just some random road signs to guide us, we reached the farm, though we couldnt find the beautiful lady that was shown on their website 8), but we did bump into the goat, and it was just kind enough to start booping as we walked near! YEWW!

The fragrance of the fresh lavender really perks one up, and refreshed us for our journey back.

With summer probably going to end soon, we'll most probably be trying to go to a few more such random rides before we go into our gloomy fall/winter seasons, as well as the overwhelmingly large workload that is expected by then.
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