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Friday, July 21, 2006
Hot! Hot! Hot!
I think I am going to pass out soon. It is 33 degrees celsius in Seattle and I feel like I am living in Singapore. Everything has gone so wrong for me today due to the scorching heet.

I woke up late as I could not sleep well last night. Pui Soh (Asst Supervisor) was not happy that I told her I will be late. I don't care, I am leaving the bank while she is stuck here forever.

Jon told me that our trip to Las Vegas is cancelled as he is required to work next week. Well, as long as his company reimbursed the travel package, I am fine with it. I am sad that I could not go to Las Vegas but I don't think I can stand the scorching heat. I have such a bad headache today I don't think I can survive in Vegas for five days in this heatwave.

I was really looking forward to the the picnic and Las Vegas.... aiyah

I am in such a lousy mood, I really need to drink lots of cold water to calm down.
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