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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
My new office layout
To double up with Andrew, i have to "re-org" my machines and tables and retrenched the older ones, sacked some old cabling, and extended contracts with some newer cables.

Along the way, i got my hands on a Power Mac G5, and left my G3 on the floor, unconnected. Installed Tiger on it, and slowly playing with this system.

Next to it is a Dell GX20, with quite a lot of processing power. That's my primary desktop, and is my command center to all my 200+ workstations. The monitor is displaying the Tiger desktop.

Office Layout by the side
The Dell's display is shown on the LCD monitor. In between the Dell and the LCD would have been my primary laptop, a Tecra S1. I'm in the midst of changing to a Tablet PC, so that laptop is not in this photo.

Underneath the LCD monitor is the casing of a Nintendo Entertainment System. It's part of my plan to create a NESPC, which is to store the "organs" of a PC within the console's casing, and use it as a PC! 8)... Budget permitting, i'm slowly accumulating the hardware parts.

On the right is a rather old Dell laptop. I'm using it as a queueing screen only. It's too slow really to do anything else other than remote desktop and viewing the job queues.

I'm using Synergy to control all these machines using a single set of keyboard and mouse (the wireless set). It's pretty cool to be able to sit back, and control all these machines together.

Notice the exercise ball underneath the table? That's my chair now.

There are two other machines that are not visible in the photo. One's an old Dell Optiplex, the year 2000 vintage model. I'm using that to run SQL queries and doing data analysis.

The last machine is as loud as a rocket launcher, with just the power supply being connected. Once you actually power it ON, it creates a sound that's not unlike an airplane flying! For the techies, it's a ProLiant DL360 G4 machine. I'm using that to do file analysis and performance testing. It's noisy, but it's FAST!

I have my second set of Sennheiser wireless headphones on the monitor, a bunch of MCSE books behind me, and some "awards".... if you see the large version of the photo (click on it to go to flickr), you'd notice a set of photos on the whiteboard, which consists of my parents, my buddies, and my colleagues in Singapore. Arnold's posters are pasted there too 8).

I guess you can say that this is making the best out of a bad situation.
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