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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
busy with work
Totally overwhelmed with work right now, even with my quoted "multitasking abilities".

The recruitment of my immediate colleague has reach a standstill. Seems like the candidates that we like didnt impress the boss'boss'boss too much.

Certain HR developements are going on right now, so if things work out fine, my own job will become 1000% better. Hope so. (Update: No more. re: this and this).

Right now, because of this delay in the recruitment, and deep into the midst of testing a new system, AND having lost my primary back-up person, i'm having to focus on :
- 100% production work (not an easy task... my system easily consume 15 terabytes any month),
- 100% on testing the new system (thousands of scenarios to test, and the lack of professionalism of some IT folks)
- 100% on maintaining ongoing other projects
- even metrics!

It's fun though.... should be a while before all these work can be shared with the new person, whoever that person is.

Update: someone just said that it's rare for me to say i'm busy. haha... dunno if that's a compliment or an insult. bleah.
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