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Thursday, May 12, 2005
Back to Square one?
With the latest announcement of a former manager's new job change, it's almost like a "back-to-square-one" scenario for her and some of hew new (old) subordinates.

Rumors here are that another person that started the former department in Singapore is coming back too. A variant of that is that he's grabbing control of some of the programs to his current team.

One other "back-to-square-one" scenario might be in the works.
update: this one is no longer possible, unless he can do something about it.

Another "back-to-square-one" scenario i (and i know a few others) want to see is for teck to take that bloody job that was his in the first place. g0ddammmit.

So... with all these.. perhaps i should join in and ask my (twice) former manager for a job in her new team so that i can go "back-to-square-one" too?
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