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Thursday, April 28, 2005
we are recruiting asst supervisor
please read part one here.

are you interested to join us? my boss, let's call her R, spoke to my team lead, one of the co-workers and me, individually to apply for the position.

we discussed and agreed that we are not applying for the position. why? we don't want to end up like our ex-asst supervisor. R assured all staff that no one will be asked to leave. we are not convinced.

reasons why i do not want to apply for the position :

a) R is an attention seeker. it is tiring to give her attention all the time
b) she does not like to do paperwork. so, her asst has to do all the work and she gets the credit
c) R is not a thinker. she follows management decision blindly. she is a 'yes madam'.
d) there is no career path for the asst supervisor

reasons why i like to be low level staff :

a) i love overtime pay.
b) if i am not comfortable to make a decision on any transaction, i pass it to R
c) get R to handle difficult customers
d) i don't want additional responsibilities
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