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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
staff was asked to leave
i was off work yesterday, when i came back to work this morning, i was shocked to learn that my asst supervisor has left the organization yesterday. hmmm...i was really suspicious of what was happening. my supervisor was reluctant to share more information with me. i respect her decision but i was not comfortable to talk to her at that time.

i felt that the supervisor could be threatened by the asst supervisor's capabilities or she could be pissed with the asst supervisor's attitude towards her.

i remembered when i was working in a hotel chain, the newly hired manager did not like me. she told the vp of operations that she wanted to fire me. she tried but failed. the vp of operations reprimanded her and i was not ask to leave.

my present supervisor mentioned that she will be hiring her ex staff to work in this bank. she seems to be building her own kingdom. i have to tread carefully at work.

i wonder what will happen tomorrow?

what an exciting life i have in washington!
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