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Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Tons of changes since our last blog

The last few weeks have been a constant flow of changes after changes.

Work wise, a bunch of changes appeared out of nowhere.

Our team’s service manager, Kim, left our group to join another group with just around two weeks of notice. Just as my team was prepping for her transfer, our director moved on as well. Both departures in such a short timeframe shook the foundations of the group.

One thing that did came out from these was that I was asked to take over as the interim service manager till the group replaces both headcounts. I’ve jokingly said that now i have two jobs’ work that i can delegate to my team 8).

On the personal note, both Sharon and I were shocked to hear our dearest grandniece, Tracy, having to undergo some urgent surgeries. We were constantly pinging our nieces for updated information on how Tracy’s recovery is going on.

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