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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
A move faster than ….

Perhaps our experience in moving four places in the last 5+ years, on top of the biggest move in the relocation from Singapore, this move was frankly speaking the fastest and the smoothest ever.

Our regular purging of old stuffs to charity organizations (Goodwill, Children Hospital etc) resulted in only the essential stuffs around. The luxury stuffs such as soft toys, video games, and an unexplainable number of USB cables were also compressed and optimized to the absolute necessary ones.

We overestimated the work required and invited my whole team, and moodyone to assist in the move. Sharon also arranged for our ex-landlord to assist as he has a huge truck and is an experienced contractor dealing with houses etc. We also did a few initial rounds of moving some of the stuffs over, and by the time the invited help came, the old place was practically empty!

The new place also was a factor in it, being on the ground floor, and a huge living room door that allowed for the dinner table, sofa set, TV etc came in within 10 mins. The handimen in Andrew and Kim’s husband also helped in assembling the bed frame and my most hated object in our belongings, the Ikea computer table. Both took less than 15 mins to assemble something that would have cost me 2-3 days and hours of cursing and swearing!

Sharon and I are joking about the unique layout of the new apartment. I even used “workflow” as a term to describe how the layout is impacting our usual workflow in getting in and out of the house. Probably just need more time to get used to it i guess.

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