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Thursday, December 17, 2009
My Singapore Thoughts
I was in Singapore for a short vacation in early Dec 2009. It was great to be back to meet my family and friends. And here's my observation.

Hawker Food
I have always been very proud of Singapore hawker food. But I am not so sure now. Before I left Washington, I created a huge food list and vow to eat all the local hawker food when I am back. After sampling two to three hawker dishes, I gave up. What happened to my comfort food? Why arent' they the same? I don't care whether the food is cooked by locals or foreigners, I want the hawker food to stay the same. Singapore hawker food is our national heritage. Tourists flock to this tiny island to EAT, not sure about the shopping and sight seeing.

Shopping Centres
Jon and I went to the two new shopping centres - ION and 313 @ Orchard. I think teenagers and young adults will love these places. A great hang out place to look trendy. I suppose the retail association is doing their best to re-capture the magic of shopping in Singapore. However, is it necessary to build two new shopping centres? What's wrong with the existing shopping centres and neighbourhood shopping centres? I try to avoid going to town as much as possible. There are so many people and I will be run over by them if I do not walk fast. I think shopping in USA is better for me. I prefer to shop in peace.

I don't enjoy the morning commute as it is so crowded with people. Getting into the SMRT is a challenge for me.

Taxi Fare

Items Which Stay Consistent

Always HOT and HUMID.

Local TV Programmes
Boring. Too many re-runs or repeat programmes


I am not sure whether I will be keen to go back to Singapore soon.
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