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Wednesday, September 30, 2009
I need to stop doing this…

Cross-ocean flights twice in a month that is. I’m not a frequent flyer by any definition, but it just seems that in the last three years, i’ve been doing flights like SEA-NRT-SIN twice in a very short period of time.

At least this time, it’s somewhat of a minor variant, in that my first trip will be to Tokyo & Kyoto to attend and co-present in a conference. I am happy to be chosen to do some additional duties for the conference as well.

Somehow, this trip is going to become a beta testing ground for the second trip, with Sharon joining along to Tokyo,  Kyoto & Osaka, and then back to Singapore for a short stay.

I’ve even bought a HK-made tourist book on Kyoto and its surround areas. I typically find the tour guidebooks made in Hong Kong or Taiwan to be much targeted towards pragmatic Asian travelers than the Lonely Planets or the Frommers.

It should be fun to be back again as well.Just heard the country now has almost 5 million people.. wow! Sharon has been away from Singapore for a long while, and should be quite a surprise for her. I know i did when i was last back there in December… walking along Orchard Road… @ @~ !!

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