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Wednesday, July 22, 2009
New home and New role
Jon mentioned earlier that we have moved to a new rental place and time passes really fast. That is so true. Whenever, I work from home (the new home) time passes so fast. Jon and I like the new landlord and family. They are friendly and respect your privacy.

On our first weekend living in this new place, I set off the smoke alarm system! What an achievement! I bet not everyone can do this. The landlord's father looked at me and smiled. Geeze, I am be the dumbest Chinese or Asian he has ever known. He patiently told me to turn on the air vent whenever I am using the oven and/or cooktop (we called it stove in Singapore) so as to lower the heat temperature in the kitchen. Got it! I will make sure this will not happen again.

When the alarm went off Jon was sleeping very soundly and could not care less what had happened! According to him, "I am too tired, let me sleep." I always imagine my husband to be the knight in shining armour coming to my rescue - the damsel in distress! But I was wrong. Sleep is more important than me.

Anyway, I am not really a damsel. Too B I G S I Z E to be associated with a damsel. The good news is we are SAFE.

In my new role I am assisting my manager in driving People Projects more effectively. People Projects aim to attract, retain, motivate and develop employees so that they can advance their careers. Another aspect of my new role is assisting the communications director in global curriculum communications. I am excited about the new role and cannot wait to start working on challenging projects. And yes, I am still a vendor in this company.

Ok that is my report for the new home and new role.
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