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Friday, July 31, 2009

It’s been a really hot week! Temperatures were constantly around the 100s and it had been a really “fun” experience. I think it was Wednesday that as i was chatting with one of my buddies, that the temperature at that time at night here was actually warmer than Singapore!

The warm and humid air reminded me of Singapore; the sheltered walk-up towards the cafeteria in our block actually created a wrapped tunnel of hot air that was similar to having a hot exhaust air pipe blowing… what else but hot air! Folks actually ran through it in order to avoid being in it for too long (>5 secs).

On one of the nights, Sharon and I decided to take refuge in the nearby neighborhood mall. The mall had never been that busy for a long while! Families and teens were all hanging around, with bottles of soda or iced Starbucks coffee. It took us a while before we even found ourselves a table to have our dinner.

After dinner, we walked around within the mall, and discovered that all fans and portable air conditioners were sold out at the Bed Bath & Beyond shop! That was quite a ridiculous thing….

This morning’s weather is actually pretty comfortable… phew..

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