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Monday, July 20, 2009
gosh… we forgotten…

Since a rushed decision to move out from our former rental location, we have been having a bit of a rush through several major events.

The first was obviously the actual move to our new place. In a quick two-block hop, we moved to a new “mother-in-law” apartment in a Bonsian household.

Sharon primarily drove the search and decision on the new place, though she needed a “it’s ok” from me before we moved on to get the new place.

Started our packing pretty quickly, and with the help of Ian and his dad, and Kim, we moved over within 4 hours! We also quickly cleaned up the old place, and unpacked at a ridiculous pace and we pretty much “settled” down by the second night at the new place.

The new place is slightly bigger, with two rooms instead of one in the old place. The second room is now used as the office for me primarily. Ian gave us a two-seater sofa and we’re pretty much furbished now.

The last few weeks have been minor tweaks like getting a new mobile shelf to be placed in the kitchen (Ikea again!), internet connectivity (back to Comcast), and a few more rounds of decluttering and gifting such items to Salvation Army.

In the midst of the move, i had my former manager, and founder of AsiaSoft, visiting me! I enjoyed working with him in the past, and he specifically requested me to bring him to the campus for a visit and to do a lifestyle drive around the areas.

We also had a series of end-of-financial year activities ranging from bug fixes to reports to presentations to awards ceremonies. Along the way, Andrew, Ian and myself got some recognition, and some additional team celebrations as well. A reorg occurred too, and some colleagues moved on (some to a road trip across Europe).

Just a day ago, we had the pre-conference reception at Randy’s again. It was good to see the renown researchers and experts again, but a clear indication to the economic condition: attendance has gone down drastically.

One funny thing about staying in the new premise is that time seems to pass a lot quicker than the old place. With a quick glance, it’s almost end of the night and time to rest… and both Sharon and I gotten into a routine where we totally forgotten about the blog.

So much so that other than Facebook, i’ve been slacking off Twitter, this blog, and some of the usual forums i hang around in…

Woan reminded us in Facebook m(__O__)m. Another way of saying it was a kick in the butt. hehe.

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