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Thursday, June 04, 2009
A change or a make-do?

Had a philosophical discussion with someone recently.

Somehow, this ties to an episode of South Park (Bloody Mary) that i watched recently. Randy, Stan’s father, attended AA after getting a DUI. Although he had the earlier realization that if he stop drinking, he would be fine, he got into the whole AA programme and got himself into a different problem altogether.

A few recent discussions and projects have been to find a way to do work in a more conducive and productive manner. Relationships and morale are two of the key areas, and some efforts have been driven to get us into a better platform.

My take on it is that if one wants to do it, one can just decide at that point in time, and switch. The bad thing about having some of these external trainings or courses is the what i termed as the post-post-training effect. Perhaps there’s a more scientific name, but it’ll do for now.

For example, if one attends a “productivity improvement” training, one will definitely be using the knowledge attained in the first weeks after the training, That’s the post-training effect.

Similar to a eventual sugar crash, if there’s no momentum or other courses to keep the momentum going, one goes into the post-post-training effect. The good outcome from here is just going back to square one. One of the bad ones is that one will generate a cynical view, what with the “hey… it no longer works!”.

It really doesn’t take that much to change, does it? My 2 cents is it doesn’t.

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