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Sunday, May 03, 2009
Who Gain From AWARE Fiasco?
The nominees who gained in AWARE Fiasco are:
  1. Suntec Convention Centre - AWARE has to fork out a huge sum of money to rent the hall like $20,000
  2. The Straits Times - Sensational news sell. AWARE has helped the national paper increase circulation and readership
  3. Security Company - The folks who were employed to change security locks in AWARE office
And the award GOES to (drum roll please....) the Security Company!!! Hooray! Fantastic! Thank you AWARE for contributing to the bad economy. It was reported that AWARE's former exco team spent $80,000 within a month. I assume they spent $60,000 to install new security locks.

Moral lessons learnt in this fiasco include:
  1. Please do not underestimate the wrath of women and women's purchasing power
  2. We have a feminist mentor
  3. This fiasco is a great tactic used to divert attention on the current bad economic situation
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At 4:01 AM, Anonymous mae

LOL. that's a humorous take on this whole AWARE fiasco.


At 6:22 PM, Blogger sharon

Thank you. Maybe I should write a follow up message on AWARE - Girls Gone Wild :).