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Tuesday, May 19, 2009
A heck of a few weeks..

As i was cooking a homebrewed version of Nasi Lemak, fried chicken wings, ikan bilis and sambal chilli for Sharon’s birthday,and doing a heck of a “pretty darn good” job on it, i thought about the last few weeks and events in the company.

The recent silence was due to a combination of work (saw a big RC recently anyone?) and the largely publicized impact to a large number of colleagues around the world.

My immediate group in Redmond wasn’t impacted, but i’ve heard of colleagues, including some highly respected folks, that were impacted across regions and groups.

Along with that, my group has a reorganization. That’s part and parcel of working in the company. Reorgs are common, and allow for opportunities to tweak and optimize our resources further. I will blog about my thoughts of it in an upcoming post as i spend more time to digest this change. Optimistic for it though.

Sharon and I also completed our really basic Japanese language training.  Yeah ^_^! The training also indicated to us that we are getting overwhelmed with work and stuffs to be able to do a good job at this, and so i’m impressed at how moodyone is doing it with her MBA studies.

We were also planning on a holiday trip, but decided to postpone it till August. A few of the places that we originally selected suddenly because places that we shouldn’t be in unless necessary.

Talking about the big RC, i’ve been having so much fun with the product on my Aspire One netbook that i’m gathering some notes and stuffs on how i configure the product on the netbook to fully utilize its capabilities… 8). Maybe i’ll dump my notes onto another one-off blog. Too bad i’m not an “internet marketer” like so many Singaporean bloggers are apparently on Ping.sg!

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At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Sharon Loh

i also like jon's singapore curry and laksa.


At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Sharon Loh

I also like Jon's Singapore Curry and Laksa!