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Monday, April 20, 2009
Relooking culture shock part 2

Another major shock for me was the need to market oneself, or one’s organization.

Instead of focusing on making and ensuring things work, some folks are more concerned about how they, their organization, and their work appears to others.

I’m sure this is the Asian culture. Do your work, and let your work speaks for itself.

That sure doesn’t work the way here.

You can surely see it even in the pop culture, where every no-talenter gets his or her <15 mins of fame, and then spends eternity riding on the waves of that fame. Doesn’t have to be a good singer/actor/whatever. Just be known.

The last few years have been a ride. I get to see people that knew nothing, and did nothing, and yet claimed credit whenever opportunities arose. I really admired the gall of these folks.

I personally can’t do that.

I just do my job.

PS: I drafted this about two weeks ago, prior to my week of absence with flu+fever+cold+so on combo. Still slowly recovering from it as it is now. Sharon also got the flu. She’s blaming it on me though.

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