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Sunday, April 05, 2009
Happy 5!!!
Jon and I have been living in USA for five years.

Here's our five achievements.
  1. We are DEBT FREE! whew!!!
  2. Still using the same car we bought five years ago
  3. Gain muscles and fats
  4. Getting younger everyday according to our friends. Nice :)
  5. Learning basic conversational Japanese
Five things I like about Seattle
  1. Evergreen state. Everywhere you go, you see lots of trees
  2. People are MORE FRIENDLY than ahem...you know Sxxxaxxxxans
  3. Watched more than 100 black and white movies
  4. Shopping paradise
  5. I can work from home
Five things I dislike about Seattle
  1. No Singapore Hawker Food. By the way, we DO NOT add curry powder in Singapore Chia Bee Hoon! Please consult my mother-in-law if you want to know how to cook Singapore Chia Bee Hoon!
  2. Asian food does not taste like Asian food. What's up with that?
  3. Food is expensive
  4. Medical Insurance is expensive
  5. Nine months of COLD weather

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At 8:22 PM, Blogger Agagooga

You can get Xing Zhou Mee Fen in SG also (but not that easy to find). I like it leh, the curry powder adds fragrance.

So what is Singapore Bee Hoon, then?

Asian food is tailored to Ang Moh taste. But hey I like General Tso's Chicken! And the Tom Yum I had in Palo Alto was great - no chili so I can taste the underlying flavours.

Food is expensive because labour is expensive. But dishwashers get paid a lot more than in SG!

In Singapore you have 12 months of hot weather :(