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Sunday, April 12, 2009
Apparently someone reads my blog…

What’s the probability that the morning after my last post, a hallway discussion was about the exact topic?

From a very visible and “experienced” manager, he said “just because you don’t like to play the game doesn’t means the game isn’t played”, or words to that nature. What i guessed he was trying to say is, “get with the flow dude!”.

As Homey The Clown would say, “I don’t think so! Homey don’t play that!”.

It’s a sad reflection that some of the hard working folks are labeled as “worker bees” just because they want to focus on the work.

Perhaps we all need a personal marketing manager?!

A very experienced person in our org asked me about this. Should we adopt this approach too? To celebrate the fact that we are coming to office every day? To be able to send emails to one another?

On one hand, i don’t like the game, but on the other hand, i think it’ll be useful for the newer members of my team to get the benefits of more recognition and awards. In fact, i think I'll start to promote them myself!

Awards appointees, here i come!

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