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Saturday, April 04, 2009
5th.. from my point of view..


- The public library system here is amazing. Tons of movies and classics. That’s where Sharon’s cited >100 of B&W movies came from. We’ve found classics such as the “Thin Man” series, Abbott & Costello, Seven Samurai (and other Kurosawa’s movies), Fred & Ginger, and many many more. My friend that works in the media industry as a movie reviewer already said i watched more “high quality” movies than she does. Of course, i get to do this as a hobby, not a need or work.

- Getting things online here is fun. The deals and savings and sometimes rebates are such habit formers that i can no longer go back to Sim Lim Square in Singapore and use the word “cheap” there.

- Pro Club rules. I’m so used to the facilities in the Pro Club that i don’t think i can work out in any other gyms unless i have a total change of lifestyle and occupation

- Weather being cool and cold is good for me. I tend to have some issues with the weather in Singapore, and i like the feeling of “being always in a natural air-con” keeps me relaxed

- no TV feeds is a good thing too, though that wasn’t really by choice. My only treats is the South Park videos online and No Reservations DVDs from the library. Don’t ask me anything else about what’s going on in TV-land. I’m still catching up from the mid-60s TV series.


- Medical insurance is a joke and a mess here, and apparently Singapore is trending towards this model.

- Asian food always taste, at best, 90% of what we can get in Asia

- Some of my fave restaurants have closed up due to the economic crisis.

- Cell phone technologies are so far behind here.

- Some of the work experiences aren’t really something that i would want my enemies to go through

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At 8:20 PM, Blogger Agagooga

Don't you get bad work experiences in Singapore also?

And you can get lots of non-Asian food. If you go down to California the Asian food is actually better than in SG :)