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Sunday, March 15, 2009
Thoughts on Blogging here…

It’s almost five years since we were here. It’s also almost five years since the blog started. How times fly!

Originally, my motivation for blogging was to simply have a single place where family and friends can get updates on us over here. It started to become somewhat of a soundboard for some of my thoughts as i went through some interesting projects.

I was sure that at some point, i had more colleagues reading here than our Singapore friends. I even had my organization’s director here too 8). That was when i decided to have two instances of blogs (sounds familiar colleagues?).

With some unknown assistance from my mentor, one of my posts on another blog became a huge topic of discussion, and i even got bravos and kudos from some internet security experts! Gosh.. i am embarrassed to say the least.

The frequency of updates have slowed down in the last twelve months. A combination of trips, back pains, being distracted with new software from the company to play with and the eventual hitting of the proverbial wall made it hard for me to share my thoughts. Playing with Facebook and Twitter also reduced some portion of whatever free time that i had.

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking internally. However, shutting down the blog wasn’t one of the things i’ve thought about, so i’m sorry for disappointing some folks…. I still need a venting mechanism, though these days, i’m the Yes Man.

I think the common theme these days is “a reset”. I’m resetting it now.

Let’s see how the reset goes…

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