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Thursday, March 19, 2009
Read-ups for the dream job..

I mentioned that it was a dream for me to join the company.

First.. the lack of knowledge of what goes on inside the company. To be clear, one cannot but know something about the company, but unless it’s public information, one won’t really necessarily know the inner details of the company.

In fact, prior to doing the interviews for my original Singapore-based job in the company, i was advised by the hiring manager to read up on some books on the company, with specific mentions of these two books. I was glad that i did, as the books helped me to set expectations on myself for the job that i was trying for.

I would say that these books are now nice-to-read, but with the passage of time, they might no longer represent the culture of the company. Is that a good or a bad thing? Depends on your view.

I think this book now captures the essence of the company. I went through the book in 2-3 hours flat without stopping, other than to ponder …

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