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Friday, January 30, 2009
A really weird CNY dinner..

Sharon and I joined up with some of the other relocated families from Singapore and Moodyone was nice enough to fetch us to the restaurant in Renton.

It was quite an unique experience to say the least. As we’re prepping ourselves into the private dining area, we walked past a stage, with a band that was tuning their instruments. Little did we know!

Food-wise, it wasn’t great, but good enough. A few different interpretations of standard CNY dishes challenged us a bit, while the biggest headache-inducing factor was the loud and bad music that was playing on the stage by the band.

Halfway through the dinner, the kids that came along noticed that there were senior citizens dancing to the music. Indeed it was quite a sight to see them doing the cha-cha, rock and roll etc.

Pretty sure the next day we all had a big headache… some of the songs were really bad..

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