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Friday, January 02, 2009
Now that’s what i called good service!

One would rarely associate Sim Lim Square with good service, but amazingly i encountered it!

I brought my Acer Aspire One for the trip back home, and saw someone with a really nice skin in a Starbucks (where else? *grin*). Though not as nice as the one shown here, but it caught my eye, and i enquired where it was purchased from.

Was told that it was Lappy Skins,  and went there for a makeover. Nah… i didn’t find a graphic that i liked, so i went for the exterior protector skin and a nice keyboard/wristpad protector.

The shop is really just a little corner off a backalley (again), and looks like a one-man operation. The guy, i think his name is Nicholas, is amazingly quick with the way he applies the skins onto the netbook. He was so fast that he saw some air bubbles on a smaller area that i didn’t notice and he told me “i gotta do it again because it’s not good enough”, and ripped his initial work out.

Within a little while, it was done! Maybe i’ll send in an advance order for a custom skin and get it redone again on my next trip.

His quality of work and service was top class and i really recommends anyone with any kind of laptop to go check it out.

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