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Sunday, December 07, 2008
You sure there's a recession here?

Finally touched down into Singapore, and went to meet up with two good friends of mine for a coffee-chat. We chose to meet in Orchard Road unfortunately, and i had a huge shock as i was walking out of the Orchard MRT station on Saturday. Just exiting the station took more than 10 minutes, as the huge crowd was almost toe-to-toe with one another every step of the way.

Queues were everywhere from the LV, Gucci, and other branded shops, although amusingly, some of the folks that were queuing to go in were wearing shorts and slippers. I guess that if they have the dough, these shops can't stop them from going in haha.

Last night, i went to meet up with two long-lost poly friends that i found through good old Facebook, and even though it was in Lot 1, a remote neighbourhood mall, the crowd was again overwhelming.

This coming from one that was just in Shinjuku for the whole of the weekdays last week was quite a surprise. I don't think i recall seeing that volume of people even in the peak hours of human traffic there.


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At 6:50 PM, Anonymous buzzinghive

Probably the recession hasn't really hit hard yet. As for Lot1, ever since Seng Siong supermarket chain starts business there, it has been drawing crowds that its hard to find parking lots. After all, people still need to eat in spite of recession.

Hi, I am a Singaporean just settled down in Seattle 4 mths ago. I am probably going through the same as yourself 4 years ago. Thank you for your blog which has provided some guidance for new settlers like me. Feel free to visit my blog when you have the time:



At 1:46 AM, Blogger Jonathan

hi buzzinghive,

thanks for the comment. we'll be interested to see how a fellow singaporean blog about the experiences.

too bad that the blogrolling isn't editable right now, but i'll add you to my list of links for Sharon to read too.