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Monday, October 13, 2008
I'm back... safe... (barely)

After the first few legs of trouble, i gave up posting updates as the streak of bad luck continued wherever i went.

My twice-lost luggage eventually came in 36 hours after i've touched down in Puerto Rico, in my second hotel of this leg of my trip.

The business side of things were pretty horrendous (as expected), and though the food was pretty good, the very limited views of the island reminded me of Malaysia for some reason, instead of Singapore as a fellow-island-on-the-equator should be.

On the very last night here, i booked into another hotel, and this was the first time my luggage and myself was in the same hotel on the same day! Tired to the core, i slept through an apparent earthquake, which was the strongest it had in the last 20 years. Didn't feel a single thing.

On the way back from Seattle in Washington DC, just as we have fully boarded the plane, the pilot announced a short delay, for some traffic reasons.. My head went.. 'Oh NO! NOT AGAIN!"

Thankfully, the plane did fly off after that announced delay. Phew!

And you've thought that would be the end right?

Of course NOT!

On the way back from Sea-Tac, on a cab, with only about 100 feet to go, the cab started spewing smoke in the front! I took off from the cab and dragged my luggage home, and the poor cab driver had to call his friends to pick him up that night, and came back to repair what appeared to be a burst water pipe of some sorts in the front.

I think throughout the trip, i had an unplanned expenditure of 250 dollars.. hmm.. i wonder if i can expense them off. Can't blame me !!

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