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Thursday, August 21, 2008
Meeting up with a survivor, and reminiscing

Yeow Meng was in town to do a series of meetings with his Redmond colleagues, and bumped into me in my building and we just decided to go out for dinner to just update each other on things.

Hajime, a colleague from Japan, came along (and eventually paid) for the meal (thanks Miho!). Went home to pick up Sharon and we went to a nearby Chinese restaurant to take some good food.

The world is just so small. One person that Yeow Meng has to meet to discuss things on was my former manager. He asked about him and we joked about some of the issues that occurred. Something with is even more amazing was that this former manager was interviewed by my hiring manager (who is also in Redmond now) in the Singapore office for my initial Singapore job, and my prior job before joining this company!

He also mentioned that my hair is whitening.. or greying. Sharon recently commented about that too, especially on certain pockets where they are whitening at a quick pace. Hopefully, not as bad as her!

Talking about Yeow Meng, i still remembered when he first joined the company in the Singapore office. Due to a quick turnover of staff, he was literally thrown into this "deep sea" of processes, quality, and issues, without too much of a safety net. In reality, i think he didn't get too much formal training from his predecessors, but just a brief focus on the main deliverables that his role need to do.

Though he was a bit naggy at times, and he initially did step on a toe or two, he showed how good he was by actually being able not to survive in that deep sea, but strived in that situation! I admire his work from that point onwards, and for a while we worked really well together on a number of product launches.

It's nice to be able to meet up with people that you admire... and chat. Nice times indeed, especially on a day when the teleport to the dark ages was reopening right in front of you.....

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