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Thursday, August 28, 2008
35 years old == reboot time?

A few buddies of mine have been going through the same sequence recently. We've been buddies for the last twenty years (gosh.. aren't we old?), and it just feel like an expected phase for us as we broke the 35 years old barrier.

Ryan, one that i knew since 12, started the ball rolling when he moved from one company to another in China. He's been based there (mostly in Shanghai) at just about the time i came over here, so we have practically no chance of meeting up, save another buddy's wedding last May.

The buddy that married last May was James. As fast as a delivery from DHL, he joined another company that ends with L too.

Teow, who was on a government bond, also sent us an update. He's free, and is in time to start working (for) or in the casinos in Singapore hehe... he's been practicing a lot in the casinos around Asia.

My "sister", who's a day older than me, also changed her job.. to what i still do not know.

And so on and so forth..... ironically, i was the first to contemplate about this, and shared my thoughts with my buddies via good old email, and yet i'm still working in the same company here, and staring at 9 years in a few week's time.  8)

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