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Saturday, July 12, 2008
Time to think..

After a strenuous June, there's now time for me to think. About the past few years here, and the future. Challenges here and there.

So here's the first of my brain dump, so to speak. Actually, they're like agenda items within my thoughts right now, each with a score towards a final qualification score, for some long-term decisions to be made.

We had the reorg recently (in May) which resulted in better morale, clearer goals, and a more agile team. That's the good part. It also created this weird structure that i don't think is working well. I'll probably hear some comments about giving it more time to smooth out the kinks, but time isn't really of an abundance quantity these days. If i want to use the terminology used for projects, i would say that it's a yellow status now.

The group i'm in have a huge project that will encompass most of our next few months. To achieve that, there will be a lot of challenges to be met straight up, as well as sacrifices that will be made to reach the level of work required. Most of the pre-work have already been done, and now it's up to Andrew and the two new hires to hit the ball out of the ball park, so they say here 8). It's hard to find any issues with the work that's required of them here, but i do expect some delays from other teams that we might have to depend on for some activities to be completed.

Ian is on his parental leave till mid August, and other projects are practically on a standstill with the above project being on everyone's mind. That also give me a little bit of free time to utilize the increasing number of "focus rooms" to do work. What work?

A ever-increasing list of things that i will need to help move things forward for my team. Funny thing is, i gathered most of these action items myself! Started to assign some of them to the team and even the new service manager Kim. In this new structure, i'm just pushing for action to be done. "Either lead, follow me , or get out of the way", as one of my Big Dogs t-shirt says!


Somehow, this arrangement leaves me some free time to take a break as well. Some days in late July, i'll be at home doing my own stuffs (haven't decided what yet), and then in early August, Sharon and I might be going on a holiday trip.

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