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Thursday, July 03, 2008
Finally.......... a break!

The last few weeks were totally crazy for me and my team.

We had a hard deadline to meet and amazingly we completed it. I termed it as "Holy Cow" as i bought a bottle of wine called Holy Cow hehe..

Gotten some good training from experts in the industry, including Randy, and some senior folks in the company too. I also conducted some "express-lane" training with the team as well. I think i condensed two years of training into four hours. I'm sure that they all were overwhelmed too; doubly so!

I also attended another internal conference and an industry discussion meeting too, which finally ended today. The infamous pre-conference reception at Randy's place was a blast as well, and i get to meet up with a lot of folks yet again, and caught up on industry news with them.

In between these, i did a whole bunch of presentations, with decks that some folks thought were not possible on Powerpoint. The features in the Powerpoint 2007 make it easy for an absolutely non-artistic person to come up with great graphics.

On top of all these, we did a presentation of our service on Wednesday. It was quite amazing that we were even able to breathe with all the work that was done.

Sharon took a photo of me yesterday, and the first thing that came in my mind when i saw it was that i looked as old as my father!

When I reached home today, the only thing i can think of is.. "sleep sleep sleep.....".

Thank goodness tomorrow's Independence Day. I'll sleep through it for sure.

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