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Friday, June 27, 2008
My farewell to Bill...

Today was his last day working full time in the company. I was luckily selected as one of the attendees of his last town hall talk within the company from an online lucky draw.

Kim, my PM (or SM now hehe), was invited too as she has been working in the company for about 25 years. Imagine that!

Anyway, i went to the conference building pretty early, and saw a queue already 40+ long. It was almost like the fanboys queuing up to meet their celebrities, or to buy the newly launched game consoles or something.

The mood in the queue was quite silent. Probably everyone had in their mind what today mean in terms for the company and for themselves.

At about just before 9am, we were ushered in. I sat at the fourth row in the audience, while Kim was placed in the designated second row for the folks that worked over 25 years in the company. The first row were for the top execs.

Steve did a quick intro and then came Bill. The first standing ovation, among many others, was over a minute long. The main portion of his talk was shared with Steve, and it was a journey back in time and back!

The last part was quite emotional, when Steve teared up and Bill was visibly trying to hold back his tears as he continued speaking.

A lot of us in the audience was shedding tears too.

On a personal note, i'm sad that he's leaving the company. It's easy to explain to non-computer users who you work for if you quote Bill's name, and it's hard to do so with Steve.

Steve said that each and everyone have a different way of benefiting from Bill's contributions. I think so. Each of us sees a different side of him in our own way.

I'm sure he'll enjoy himself in his charity work, and i know that the world will benefit too.

P/S: Before Steve and Bill arrived, on the PA system, a few songs were being blasted. One of the song was Green Day's Time of Our Life. I wonder if somebody try to imply something here?

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