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Saturday, June 07, 2008
Our achievements @ 35
Yes it is official. Jon and I are 35 years old. But Jon will tell you that I am 3 weeks older than him as my birthday is in May and his birthday is in June. Do I care? No.

Our achievements @ 35
  1. Our biggest accomplishment -we have each other :)
  2. Healthy
  3. Young looking, well our Ang Moh co-workers say so. We will not dispute that :)
  4. Fabulous @ 35 - this is easy. Everyone can do it.
  5. I shop and Jon waits for me :)
  6. Trying our best to stay open minded on work and world issues
  7. Accept the reality that not all things will go our way
  8. Older and definitely wiser, you think :)
  9. We don't own a house and have no plans to do so
  10. Still love to ride a bus to Seattle
  11. Jon has gone to the movies once and twice for Sharon in our 4 years in Redmond
  12. I have not driven on highway on my own for the sake of other drivers. I am so considerate
  13. Jon has collected over USD3,000 worth of video games. What an achievement!
  14. Jon has earned the reputation of being a SMART ASS amongst his co-workers
  15. I AM the HOME BOSS! WOOHOO!!!
I will let Jon continue if he has more accomplishments to add.
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