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Friday, May 09, 2008
Silent reinforcement of behavior i'd say

A topic that came about in after my trip back was the supposedly "bad behavior" by some folks. The implicit labeling of bad was done by folks that, either through inaction, or a lack of strength, to object such behavior through the years.

It's the same as handling kids, or gorillas. If they do something wrong, you have three options. You either punish them, or reward them, or do nothing. If the behavior annoy you when it first occur, you better make sure you punish them. Because, just like the legal system, if there's a precedent, it will be applied throughout without much thinking, because it .. "just is because it just is!". Somewhat of a circular justification indeed.

When some gorilla throws away the banana skin on the floor, and instead of punishing it, you actually celebrate the event. That means you are also implicitly performing the same behavior as well.

The worst possible outcome is that you will be held accountable for the gorilla's behavior. Isn't that bad? Why?

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