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Thursday, April 03, 2008
When you're on your deathbed...

Indeed... a reflection of a statement by Stephen R. Covey, the speaker of a talk that I attended this morning. It was organized by Sharon's team, and most of my organization's management folks attended. All of my team, except for Ian (of course), attended it too.

He mentioned something as part of his points about work-life balance, and that is, no one on their deathbed is going to regret that he didn't put in enough time in the office... they're going to regret not spending enough time with the family and loved ones.

I wonder how our management folks is going to take that, and whether if they are going to accept many of his other enlightened statements, to heart and practice.

On the way back home, Sharon told me that a few of my manager's managers came and greeted her. I didn't realize it as the minute the talk was over, i rushed back to the office.

One of my former manager, and a good friend, Jason, took the opportunity to get an autograph and a photo with one of his idols as well. Thanks to Sharon! 8).

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