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Saturday, April 05, 2008
I am such a goofy person. At work, I cannot stop laughing and speaking loudly, and yes, I am contributing to the noise pollution. But hey, I always tell my co-workers to file a complain against me. But they never did. I suppose they like having me around to 'entertain' them.

I like my job, co-workers (as long as they are not long winded and domineering) and boss. My boss does not micro manage me. As long as I produce quality work and there is no complain from anyone, I am fine :)

In my role, I am in constant contact with GMs, Directors and Business Managers. I learn to be careful in writing emails and speaking to them. I suppose most people will do the same. You don't want a senior manager to think that you are an idiot. Communication is about making sure your recipients understand the message. Understanding the message does not mean that they agree with you. That's fine. Agreeing on a topic a different matter.

In Jon's earlier blog, you read that he and I attended Dr Stephen Covey's presentation. We know who he is and we are not his groupie/fans. He is nice person, agreeing to shake hands, signed autographs and take photos with the attendees. I suppose if you want to be an inspiring or motivational speaker, you need to know people, engage them and make sure your personality appeals to them.

Here are some of the valuable takeaways from his presentation:

  1. Leadership is not about control, it is about inspiring your team members
  2. What is important is not urgent. What is urgent is not important
  3. Listen emphatically. Do not be in a rush to interrupt or judge. Let the person finishes what's on his/her mind. Pause for a minute and reply to the question/give comments. When you listen with empathy, the person feels great, his/her heart is open to options and is more willing to accept your suggestions
Sometimes, what works in theory does not work in reality. But you need to keep trying. I am trying out all that are indicated above.
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