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Friday, April 04, 2008
4 years here

We touched down at Sea-Tac airport on 04/04/04. I guess we should have picked a more auspicious date instead of this (for the non-chinese folks, 4 sounds like death... and this date is death^3!).

Sharon and i both remembered what we did on that day. With high hopes and a dash of bravery, we stepped out of the airport and got to our temporary apartment that the company had provided for us.

After some short time to take a quick jet-lag nap, we took the bus to the Bellevue Square shopping mall, and had our first meal in Red Robin.

And guess what we did to celebrate our 4th anniversary from the 04/04/04 date? We went to another Red Robin, though it seems that their standard had dropped a lot in the years in between.

How time really flies.. whether you're having fun or not, it just moves on.

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