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Sunday, March 23, 2008
Been there, done that, wrote blogposts about it...

It's funny to be able to stand back, and see my colleagues (including Sharon) going through the same cycle of emotions in the office.

Indeed, as Sharon has said, you experience the good times and the bad times, well.. even songs have that same exact line at times too.

In my second last trip back to Singapore last November, i discovered a series of books that talk about Buddhism and life in general. These books gave me very clear insight into topics such as the one that Sharon and I talked here. The best part of these books is that they leave the topics very open-ended, and let the reader (me) think about the points.

In November, i bought two of the books, and when i was back in January, i grabbed all the remaining ones, with knowledge that another one was released on the day prior to my departure back here. Too bad that Kinokuniya didn't have them that day yet, and it was thanks to my Singapore colleague and a special courier in moodyone that brought the latest one back.

Once in a while, when Sharon described her issues in work, i can often open up one of the books, point her to a page, and recommend her to follow what the page says.

She will say "I do not know enough Chinese to understand !!", or something to that effect.

So... yupe... these are books in chinese, more specifically, traditional chinese as the books are published from Taiwan, and are localized from Japanese. I actually saw the latest book in Japan when i was there in January as well, but didn't get it as for the first time, the book isn't fully in comics form, but with lots of text accompanying the typical 4-panel comic strip.

SO what books am i talking about?

Well, it's 想太多的豬!

Here's the covers from my collection:

RC1006 RC1007

The first set of titles i've purchased

 RC1008 RC1005 RC1004

The second set bought in Jan 2008


The one that was brought back by moodyone


The new one with lots of text in it... might have to trouble another colleague soon..

I recently did a homebrew translation (of about 10 words from chinese to english) for one of the comic and sent it to my team. They understood the point of that strip immediately. Amazing how simple stuff always works wonder.

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