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Monday, February 25, 2008
A yummy bowl of singapore chicken curry

Sharon bought a few packets of Prima Taste pre-mixed singapore chicken curry, and requested me to make her a hot bowl of curry.

So here i go...

After opening the pre-mix packets, and joking about how they looked like military precooked food, i started with pouring the curry paste into a bowl of water and let it simmer.

After a few minutes, i placed some chicken wings and drumsticks that Sharon has cleaned beforehand.

I poured the next packet, which consisted of coconut milk powder, into another smaller pot. Let it simmer a bit and making sure that the powder do not settle into clumps.

One thing that sure made me noticed was the large amount of red oil in the first pot.

Merging the two pots' contents into one... and it's starting to look almost like curry.

About twenty minutes later, and with potatoes added into the pot, it really smells and taste like good old curry. The red oil still overwhelms the pot of curry though.

Time for some action! Using a spoon, and lots of patience, i cleared most of the red oil away. What's left was a nice bowl of curry that does remind us of some curry in Singapore. Looking at how the chicken meat was melting off the bones made both of us really hungry, and by the time dinner was finished, the pot of curry was almost finished too.

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At 6:40 AM, Blogger Kell Ch@n

Nothing beats home cooked food.