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Monday, February 04, 2008
Soothing myself in an endless ocean

Though the last post showed a bit of emotion, i've been pretty calm these days, with a simply bor-chap (redmond folks come and ask me what this means haha) attitude towards the increasingly non-productive behaviour of certain folks.

So what helped in me being able to relax?

Being away for quite a long period of time from November till mid January helped. The other is actually A Wii game, or should i say, a Wii software, that i purchased just as i was coming back here.

Saw on NeoGAF a long while about this non-game called Endless Ocean, and i totally loved the concept of this title.

Being able to just hang around in a game and visit different ocean species while listening to soothing music like Hayley Westenra's Prayer, which totally mesmerized me when i first heard it on the demo trailer.

As i used to help my brother-in-law in his aquarium business when i was a kid, it also give me a chance to see if i can remember some of the names of the more common fishes like the Emperor Angel, the Blue Tang etc.

Amazingly, i could, and that raised a few more chuckles along the way.

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