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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Hey.. you're from Singapore and you complained about the heat?

I'm currently in Sunnyvale, California to attend a workshop. Not sure if i can even link to the workshop or not, but anyway, the moment i touched down in the airport, i felt like i was back in Singapore.

The sun in the city's name really shows off its power, and though it's around 65 degrees F, it is about 10-15 degrees higher than what we experience in Bellevue, and since a pretty long cold winter, this kind of weather is a bit of a shock.

Typically for these workshops or conferences, there'll be impromptu groupings of attendees that go out for dinner or drinks. I sent Randy, my mentor, a mail about whether he's going to have dinner here, and a point that i'll be trying to go around the surrounding area after five, but _IT_WAS_TOO_HOT_.

He replied, in his usual manner, "You're from Singapore :)"


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