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Monday, February 11, 2008
A CNY dinner here finally

Since moving to the states in 2004, we have never actually celebrated CNY here at all. It's not a big loss as I, for one, did not like to do the obligatory greetings with my extended family (whom i never ever talked to other than the CNY itself) even when i was in my teens.

Jac and Teck organized this CNY dinner, in a pretty well known restaurant that was about 30 minutes' driving away.  When Sharon and I reached there, we saw a huge crowd waiting for their turns at the table.

Though there were only four families attending this CNY dinner, we had two full tables. Teck's family consists of five, while Jac's three. I finally get to meet up with PT after four/five years in between our relocations and his family consisted of four. Of course, Sharon and I are the only ones in my family.

The day was also Sean's birthday. Since his son was celebrating his birthday, Teck decided to give us all a treat, something that we didn't expected.

The food took quite a while to arrive, but that was to be expected, with a full house and probably all asking for the same CNY menu staple. The quality was pretty good, and we all had a great time.

Teck took some photos of our meals, and chances are that i'll be able to post some here once i get them.

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