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Monday, January 21, 2008
Third Week In New Job
Boss told me that one of the directors is very pleased with me. She is one of the most difficult persons to work with and I managed to give her a good impression when we met last week. I am not trying to be arrogant but I don't feel flattered.

I think the director is very professional but often mistaken by her peers/co-workers as being difficult. She aims to steer you to the right direction without giving too much information. She challenges you to think. I love it. How often do you meet a director or manager who is willing to train/teach you with sincerity and really want you to be successful in your job. I have met three people in my working life and they are all Singaporeans. But this ang moh is really SMART and polite. I wish I have 50% of her talent.

I am glad to be working with her and supporting her team. She answers all my questions no matter how stupid it may sound to her. I hope this is her true behaviour. I don't want to work with a two faced-monster.

Sometimes, I hope that the work culture in Singapore will change. Bosses should be ready to compliment, train and accept feedback from their subordinates just like their subordinates have to accept unreasonable or difficult demands from them. Yes, I can hear my friends saying "dream on".
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