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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
A quick hop back to Singapore

It was my buddy's wedding on the 15th of January, and i had to fly all the way back to Singapore again, three weeks after returning to Seattle around Xmas time from a three week stay in Singapore.

It was quite a crazy trip. Before coming back to Singapore, i took a four day stopover in Japan, and did some shopping for electronics and toys. Japan was fun as expected, and thanks to some good friends that i've in Japan, i gotten the chance to try some exotic BBQ and sushi.

The one thing that i noticed that i've never seen before was the proliferation of devices that allow people to modify their gaming consoles and handhelds. And i'm sure that almost by design, the vendors that are selling such devices are Chinese. I was browsing in one of such shops when i overheard them conversing in Mandarin.

I spent most of my time in the retro or used computer games stores. Super Potato was a nice place to spend hours exploring in!

Anyway.. I was back in Singapore on the midnight of 14th, rushed to Mustafa Shopping Center to buy some last minute items, and went home. A quick rest later and i was out meeting up with friends for coffee (+dinner+beer+chit-chat). There wasn't any bachelor's night as the groom had already arranged one a week prior.

By the time i reached home, it was about 1am on the 15th, the day of the wedding, and i was to reach my friend's house by 445am. A quick doze yet again and a quick shower and off i went.

Then we practically went from one end of Singapore to the other end twice. He stays near Changi Prison, and the bride stays near NTU. Holy cow... the rides from one end to the other were actually worse than the plane rides across the oceans.

The necessary ceremony lasted till the afternoon, and a quick refresh (and five shots of espresso later), and it was about the exact time for the wedding dinner. The dinner had a big surprise in that we had the Liu Ling Ling from the movie 881 as the MC. The elderly folks loved her, while the younger ones (like me HAHA) were a little bit stunned. It was quite a fun dinner though.

The after-party was itself an memorable event too. We held it right in the newlyweds' suite in the hotel, and i think we had at least six complaints lodged by the people in the nearby rooms/suites. HAHA.. as the groom said.. "it's my wedding night and i don't give a damn!".

16th was another day to catch up with friends (that are still sober from the night before), and was the only night that i actually had time to chat with my parents. 17th was the final full day in Singapore, and yet again, rushes to do some administrative stuffs with banks etc, and a smaller meet-up with the newlyweds and some friends till about 1am on the 18th.

Went home, took a shower, packed my bags, and off to Changi Airport i went.

Excluding the time in the airport, i had 99 hours in Singapore!

And i fell sick on the way back.. no surprise there.. and slept four full days to recuperate. 4 days sleep for 4 days of non-stop activities...

Catching up as we speak...

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Take Care Bro!