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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
XGame is not compatible...

On STOMP, there's a report that a STOMPer (what are these? readers? journalists? or both?) that wondered if he had been cheated.

How was he cheated? He bought a blatantly pirated XBox game and couldn't get it to work on his console. The folks that commented on this report are also very humorous.

I wonder whether we should get someone that handles the games to try to contact him? 8)

Noah, in case you're reading, i know that it takes a lot of work to release any game. The time and effort that is put in by a large number of people is usually not visible, ranging from the actual developers, the folks that do the artwork *nod*, printing, assembly and distribution to the actual retailers.

[via cliftonha]

PS: About 1 hour after this was posted here, the Stomp link no longer has the content... Clifton's link still has the two photos though.

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At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Hi there

Clifton here (:

According to one of my reader's comments. .

You still can access it via Google's cache